Employment Opportunity

At Derochie Painting we are dedicated to providing quality service to all of our clientele.

We are a multifaceted company offering services in commercial painting, epoxy floor coatings, concrete polishing, sandblasting, and industrial coatings.

  • Be a hard worker with a strong personal drive to excel
  • Give careful attention to detail
  • Be able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Have a minimum grade 12 education
  • Show an interest in apprenticing in a painter and decorator program.

Most employees start out as labourers in either the shop or the field.

  • Assist with sanding, masking, blowing down heavy equipment, paint mixing and general housekeeping
  • Assist painters in their duties
  • All labourers are encouraged to enter the painter and decorator apprenticeship program.
  • Responsible for brushing, rolling, sanding, taping, prepping and masking
  • Remove old paint using a trac-blasting system
  • Prepare surfaces for floor coatings
  • This position requires employees to be able to cut in with a brush, coat floors and apply detail work on feature walls.
  • Responsible for removing paint with sandblasting equipment
  • This position requires physical strength, the ability to drive a forklift and mechanical knowledge.
  • Responsible for painting heavy equipment and large-scale transport vehicles
  • This position requires the application of fibreglass, painting and large-scale equipment autobody work.
  • Wages competitive with industry standards
  • Health Benefits
  • Ongoing training and education
  • Apprenticeship opportunities
  • Comprehensive health and safety program, including training certifications

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